Crucial Crew is a multi-agency safety event aimed at Year 6, (10 to 11 year olds), designed to provide children with life skills that will, in the future, help to keep themselves and others safe.

It is generally accepted that children start to become more independent at this age and are often expected to cope increasingly on their own and deal with changes in their lives – such as a move to Secondary school.

The aim of the Crucial Crew event is to raise each participants awareness of threats and dangers, in a fun and interactive way.  The agencies attending ensure that their presentations are as interactive as possible and reflect current dangers to children, knowing that children learn by ‘doing’ rather than being ‘told’.  Crucial Crew is a fantastic way of getting young people involved in making a difference in their community, and it is a fun and innovative way of getting valuable safety, security and respect messages across to young children, who will hopefully remember what they have learnt, and put this into practice, should the need arise.

Oldham Crucial Crew is fully supported by Greater Manchester Police who will be heavily involved throughout the event.  Please take this opportunity to register your interest in attending this event by contacting the event co-ordinators Child Safety Media.  They can be contacted on 0161 300 8211 or alternatively at

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