The PSHE Association has been working with the Home Office and its members to create new and improved #knifefree PSHE education lesson plans ahead of the summer holidays.

The PSHE Association published original #knifefree resources last year, and they have proved very popular with their network with over 14,000 downloads to date. This latest version of the resource pack includes real-life case studies of young people from the latest Home Office #knifefree campaign along with new content on the importance of having good role models, including:

An updated lesson for key stage 3 recognising and evaluating the risks of carrying a knife

An updated lesson for key stage 4 challenging common misconceptions about knife crime and exploring how young people can choose to live knife free and achieve their potential

A brand new extension lesson, adaptable for either key stage 3 or 4 students, which explores the impact of role models on decision making and helps students to develop strategies to manage peer influence and pressures to carry a knife

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