The Junior Life skills e-book resource is fantastic; all areas of children’s safety, from road safety to e-safety and First Aid to Alcohol/Drugs, are compiled into one brilliantly presented, interactive and appealing resource. The e-book will prove very easy for all to use; both teachers, other staff members and pupils alike, and I can see it being useful to ‘dip-into’, with its clearly defined sections, or to work through over a series of lessons. I like that each page of the e-book has a mixture of key information, skills and tips (e.g. how children can make a reverse charge call or advice on how to stay safe travelling alone, on-foot) along with questions and quizzes to get children to apply what they have just learnt or explored. As well as teaching the children useful advice, I like how the resource makes children think about their own actions and behaviour in terms of contributing to a happier, safer community. And the printable worksheets are an extra bonus!

Mrs Charlotte Daynes, Headteacher, Finchingfield C of E Primary School, Braintree, Essex.


The staff have found the resources to be of high quality and invaluable to support the topics we cover.

Mrs Helen Norwood, Headteacher, Loreto Preparatory School, Altrincham, Cheshire


The Junior Life Skills e-book is an excellent resource for teaching a range of topics in KS2.  The resource is interactive and engaging for pupils.  The information is comprehensive and age appropriate.  The resource helps to build upon the skills taught at Crucial Crew and makes it much more integrated rather than a one-off experience.

Jodie Crawford, Key Stage 2 phase leader, Navigation Primary School, Altrincham, Cheshire.


I used it with my class of 33 Primary 7’s and found if to be a very useful resource. It covers many aspects of Health & Wellbeing and is a good extension of children’s learning from Crucial Crew. Activities were engaging and children enjoyed working through them.

Mrs Lynne Gardiner, Primary 7 Class Teacher, Glengowan Primary School, Larkhall, South Lanarkshire.


This is an invaluable resource which covers a very diverse range of issues. The highly visual format ensures that it accessible for all levels of ability. Thank you for including us.

Ms Gill Evans – Headteacher, St. Mary’s CE Primary School, Salford.


I think the Junior Life Skills e-book is excellent – very accessible for children and adults. It covers a wide range of issues which are relevant and concerning in our children’s lives and it’s great to have such a wonderful resource to develop their learning in those areas. Thank you so much. I have circulated it to all of our teachers.

Mrs Anna Harding, Deputy Headteacher, St John’s and St Clement’s Primary School, London.


Thank you so much for the Junior Life Skills resource. There are some excellent materials that our year 6 team will definitely take advantage of, as well as our PSHCE and well being co-ordinators. Thank you for making this resource available to us.

Katarine Deeks, Deputy Headteacher (Acting Headteacher), Paddington Green Primary School, London

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