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CSM’s capacity to understand and communicate with teachers and young people is unparalleled. Not only do we look at cultural changes and shifts in attitude among today’s young people to develop effective dialogue and an engaging approach to safety education, we use curricular guidance to design and develop our safety events.

For any classroom and any class, our events give young people the unique opportunity to learn valuable skills from the professionals, through interactive demonstrations and discussions in real life situations.

Focusing on key elements of Personal, Social and Health Education, our schemes have been widely endorsed by teachers, parents, professional bodies and more importantly, the children themselves. They are easy to deliver, inexpensive, impactful and most importantly, make a difference.

CSM offers a range of safety events for all age groups addressing issues such as crime reduction, anti-bullying, drugs education, transport safety and fire safety. We also produce support material for teachers on matters as internet safety, mobile safety, understanding child victims and personal safety.

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