Lord Mayor and Young Mayors Visit Crucial Crew Event

Last week, more than 750 children from 18 local primary schools across Liverpool took part in a series of interactive safety workshops.

‘Crucial Crew’ teaches children about important issues that are often overlooked by the curriculum, such as hate crime, anti-social behaviour, travel safety, fire safety and e-safety.coordinated.

Coordinated by Child Safety Media, the event took place at Chavasse House (Childwall Army Reserve Centre) in Childwall, Liverpool from 25th to 29th January with a special visit from the Lord Mayor of Liverpool, the Junior Lord Mayor, Owen Cole and Young Lord Mayor, Miss Eli Stanton who came along to meet the pupils and organisations involved.

The interactive safety workshops are delivered by the emergency services and local safety agencies and give pupils the unique opportunity to learn valuable skills from the professionals, through practical demonstrations, hands-on activities and discussions in real-life situations.

Organisations taking part included Merseyside Police, Everton FC, British Transport Police, Liverpool City Council Road Safety Unit, Scottish Power and the RNLI.

Child Safety Media’s director, Patrick O’Malley said: “It’s essential that young people learn about safety by experiencing risk in controlled conditions. By taking part in the Crucial Crew workshops, Liverpool pupils were able to explore difficult topics in a fun and interactive environment, with real safety professionals. This makes the lessons much more real and therefore, more likely to make a difference.”

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