BAE Systems has agreed to become the major sponsor of our ‘Crucial Crewe’ event in Cheshire for the next 5 years and provided funding for physical hard copies of our Junior Life Skills handbook for all those children participating. 

The ‘Crucial Crew’ scheme, coordinated by Child Safety Media* and supported by Crewe Town Council, will teach children about important issues that are often overlooked by the curriculum, such as personal safety, Internet safety, electrical safety, drug and alcohol awareness, healthy eating/living, safety around dogs and road safety. 

Crucial Crewe Event 2022 Final Release

George Schofield, General Manager of BAE Systems, Radway Green, said:

“We are delighted to be supporting the Crucial Crew programme – an essential learning tool in keeping young people safe”.

“At BAE Systems, safety is our number one priority – both for our employees and the community in which we operate. Our manufacturing facility at Radway Green employs around 400 people and partnering with Crucial Crew offers us the opportunity to make a positive impact on community safety and the safety of the next generation of employees, who will lead our Company for generations to come.”

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