CEOP is a command of the National Crime Agency, and their role is to tackle the sexual abuse and exploitation of children, both online and offline.

CEOP pursue those who sexually exploit and abuse children, prevent people from becoming involved in child sexual exploitation, protect children from becoming victims of sexual exploitation and sexual abuse, and prepare interventions to reduce the impact of child sexual exploitation and abuse through safeguarding and child protection work.

There are useful resources for parents and educators which are accessible via the ThinkUKnow link. In particular, an update is now available to their ‘Send me a Pic’ education resource for 11-14-year-olds.

This explores nude image sharing abuse and contains three lessons based on seven short film clips depicting fictional online chats. Professionals delivering the lessons will support young people to recognise the signs of manipulation, pressure and abuse and how to get help when they need it.

Use this link to visit their website where you’ll be able to see this and other resources –

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