Here are some photos from the VIP day at our Oldham Crucial Crew event on 27th June. Crucial Crew is a multi-agency project that targets children in Year 6 (aged 10-11 years) in order to help them prepare for the transition to high school. It aims to teach these children valuable life skills and to learn about safety by experiencing risk within a controlled environment.

Crucial Crew takes place in all 10 boroughs across Greater Manchester, with Child Safety Media coordinating 8 of these. To date, Child Safety Media coordinate 25 child safety events nationwide – in Manchester, Merseyside, Cheshire and Surrey, educating approximately 30,000 children annually.

In Oldham, all primary schools are invited to attend, and this year, over 2,100 Year 6 pupils, from 50 local schools attended over the 3-week period from 10-28 June.

Participating agencies were Greater Manchester Police (Personal safety), Mahdlo (Difference) the Travel Safe Unit from Metrolink, OASIS – from Positive Steps (Alcohol, smoking and drug awareness), British Transport Police (Rail safety and dangers and consequences of railway
crime.), St John Ambulance (First Aid / recovery position)

The event was sponsored by Greater Manchester High Sheriff’s Police Trust and local businesses such as First Choice Homes, Park Cakes Ltd, Onward Homes and Great Places Housing.

Mahdlo Youth Zone kindly hosted the event (special thanks go to Steve Aspinall).

Medlock Valley Community Primary School and Holy Family RC Primary School attended the VIP day and our on-site coordinator was Jacqui Hogg.


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