As adults, we use passwords a lot. Online banking, online shopping, social media accounts and lots of other applications require a password. We know that using strong passwords and changing them regularly is an important way of protecting our online accounts.

When our children and young people begin going online, it’s equally important that we educate them accordingly and also emphasise the risks associated with sharing their passwords.

There’s another way that passwords can protect children too. Many children travel to and from school alone, and we know that people who attempt an abduction may tell a child that, for example, a parent has asked them to drive them home in order to entice them into the car. Some families adopt a ‘special word’ that’s known only to them. There have been a number of recorded incidents where a child has been confronted with a stranger in situations like this and the child has asked them for the special word. Obviously, they didn’t know it and drove away. Something as simple as this potentially saved a child’s life.

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