Vodafone Global and Parent Zone are proud to present Story Time — a fun way for Key Stage 1 and 2 children to learn about the essentials of internet safety. Story Time is different from the other internet safety resources out there — it takes the shape of children’s books and blends the important message of staying safe in the digital world with colourful illustrations which children will love.

Join Tommy, a fun-loving, happy tablet, Sally, a clever smartphone, and their owners Angus and Annie in two stories you can download for free. The stories are about how Angus and Annie interact with and treat their devices. When they don’t treat them well — like create a weak password or charge them under their pillows at night — the devices start feeling poorly and the children need to find ways to make them well again. The stories are designed so that children will understand the consequences of being reckless with tech and learn how they can improve their habits. Children reading the stories might have found themselves in similar situations in the past and can learn how to best handle those situations in the future.

You can find out more at https://parentzone.org.uk

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